Wednesday, January 21, 1942


Dear Diary,

On Hedda Hopper’s program today she said, “When Bob Hope was asked to donate some of his blood to help in C.B. de Mille’s drive for blood for the Red Cross, Bob replied, ‘I’ve given my life’s blood to Paramount, but, C.B., if there’s a drop lieft in me, you’re welcome to it.'”

Dorothy Lamour was Fred Allen’s guest tonight. He asked her if she didn’t get tired of working with animals. She said, “Yes, it does get rather tiresome. I’ve worked with lions, tigers, monkeys, snakes, apes, gorillas, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope—” Allen described Bing Crosby as a bundle for Britain that had lost its string. He said Bob’s face looked like a scythe covered with flesh. He said he saw Hope in technicolor, and he came out a dirty pastel Fred and Dorothy spent about ten minutes talking about nothing but Bob and Bing.


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