Thursday, April 2, 1942


Dear Diary,

If I weren’t such a good girl, I’d curse like a sailor right now. I don’t know who caused it or why, but Jerry Lester’s contract has been dropped, and he is no longer on the Kraft Music Hall. I noticed last week that Bing Crosby didn’t mention Jerry for this week’s program, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. Then I saw in the paper this morning that Mary Martin’s and Victor Borge’s contracts had been renewed, but there was no mention of Jerry. And the final blow was that Jerry wasn’t on the show tonight. Dam—uh, darn it anyhow. At any rate, I will soon be seeing Jer in “Sleepy Time Gal,” a picture also boasting Skinnay Ennis, a certain orcherstra leader on a certain Bob Hope radio program.


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