Saturday, May 16, 1942


Dear Diary,

Betty Lou and I saw Horace Heidt and the gang at the Majestic today. Horace got out in the middle of the audience and made a big hit with everybody – including me. I’ve liked him a long time, but he really sold himself to me today. He and Bob Hope are good friends. Bob was one of the very few who knew about Horace’s secret marriage before it was made public.

I heard Bob by short wave this morning. He said quite a bit about Texas. He said that when he got off the train, one guy applauded five times, and was departed as an alien. As usual he talked about how tough Texas are. He said one fellow was hanged for putting a wet spoon in a cafe sugar bowl. He really made us sound rough, but that’s what everyone thinks anyway, so do we care?


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