Tuesday, May 12, 1942


Dear Diary,

Bob Hope broadcast from Ellington Field, Houston, tonight. His guest was Joan Bennett. Bob pulled several gags tonight that he used last night, but tonight was their first time on the air. One of them was, “I was having a swell time kissing all those beautiful girls on the Victory Caravan, until Charles Boyer pulled a nasty trick. He told them he was Charles Boyer.” Bob entertained the navy last week and the army this week, so he said, “You know, there’s really not much difference in soldiers and sailors. When a man whistles at a girl and she slaps their face, that’s a sailor. But when a man whistles at a girl and she throws her arms around his neck—get me her phone number, will you?” His whole show was about Texas, but I’ll have to wait ’til Saturday to tell about it, when I hear the show by short wave.


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