Thursday, June 25, 1942


Dear Diary,

Tonight was Bing Crosby’s last show of the season, so at the end of the program he called up brother Bob, who will sub for Bing, to help Mary announce next weeks guests. Then Bing, with about two minutes to spare (and he needed every bit of it) said, “Well, so long. Be of good cheer. Farewell. Take good care of yourselves. Love each other. Adios.” Bob, Mary Martin, Ken Carpenter, and John Scott Trotter, in unison, said, “G’bye.” Bing said, “Every year I get the same enthusiastic farewell. I tell you, it’s heartwarming.” Well, even if they won’t miss you, Bing, I will. I hope you and Bob Hope get in several nice solid games of golf during the summer. Bob needs it for that pot of his.


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