Tuesday, June 9, 1942


Dear Diary,

Bob Hope was at the air corps training station at Mitchell Field, Long Island, tonight. Those boys at the field weren’t the only ones who were flying hight tonight, because Madeleine Carroll was Bob’s guest. Mady kissed Bob once, and Bob stood there stuttering and stammering so long that Mady finally said, “Oh come now, Bob, stop flattering me. You know that kiss didn’t affect you that much.” Bob said, “Oh, no, it didn’t affect me at all. I’m just waiting for my mind to come back from maneuvers!” Since he’s so near New York, Bob said, “I’m glad to be in the metropolitan area again. The metropolitan area—that’s anywhere Fiorello can reach by fire truck.” Bob mentioned something about his little brother, George, being in the army on the west coast now. One down, six to go. I wonder who’s next.


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