Dear Diary,

Well, I was in bed all day again today, and I’m afraid I’m in for it again tomorrow, since I still have a little fever (between 98.5˚ and 99.5˚ most of the day.)

I saw in the paper today that Ann Gillis is again being condisered for Bob Hope’s summer show. Gosh the time has ceratinly rolled around. Just a few more weeks (well, not much more than that) until Bob goes on his summer vacation. I’m not sure, but I think his vacation starts June 16. That’s only about ten weeks more.

Jimmie Fidler gave “My Favorite Blond” three bells today. He said the supporting cast was excellent, but the lion’s share of acting honors went to Bob Hope and Madeleine Carroll. (Natcherly!)


Dear Diary,

Tonight was Bob Hope’s last night on the air this season. The program was absolutely wonderful. If he told any corny jokes tonight I certainly didn’t hear them. The whole gang was swell. Bob’s guest was Ann Gillis, who will play the title role in “A Date With Judy”, the summer show. I don’t think I ever missed anyone or anything as much as I’m going to miss that guy this summer. His last word was a loud “Good-bye.”