Dear Diary,

Bing Crosby was still absent from the Kraft Music Hall, and Mickey Rooney attempted to take his place again. But even thought Crosby wasn’t there, Crosby was one of the guests. Maybe I’d better explain myself. Bing Crosby, alias Gravelthroat, was not there, but Bob Crosby, alias Hepcat, was one of the guests. If they hadn’t announced that it was Bob nobody would have known it wasn’t Bing, because they sho ’nuff sound alike. You know, I often wonder if any of Bob Hope’s brothers have a voice like Bob’s. After all, Bing and Bob Crosby sound alike, Don and Jim Ameche sound alike, Clifton and William Fadiman sound alike, so why shouldn’t Bob and Fred or Jim or Jack or Syd or Ivor or George Hope sound alike? I also wonder if Bing’s other brothers, Everett, Ted, and Larry sound like Bing (Harry) and Bob (George).


Dear Diary,

I have heard Bob Hope on the radio three times this month. And not only that, but I got an autographed picture of him.

September 30, Bob pulled a cute joke. I wrote part of it on the page for that day, but here’s the rest: Hope: “Just for that I hope all your children grow up to look like Oscar Levant.”

Fadiman: “Well, just for that I hope all your children grow up to look like Bob Hope.”

Hope: “That’s impossible. You can’t get noses like this any more.”

Well, maybe that’s true, but from all I hear, young Tony Hope has a nose very similar to that of his adopted father. Poor kid!

I have written for Bob’s book, and I hope to get it within the next three weeks, but then you never can tell about a thing like that. They may be so rushed that it will take three months, but I certainly hope hot. I may be crazy, but I think I’ll buy another book when they are release to the book stores. After all, I may lose one of them.

Dear Diary,

Boy, am I about to save money. Tonight Bob Hope offered to send a copy of his book, “They Got Me Covered” for only ten cents and a carton from some Pepsodent Product. I wrote for mine tonight.

Clifton Fadiman was Bob’s guest tonight. He said, “I asked the board of experts on ‘Information Please’ if they liked your new book.” Bob said, “And did John Kieran raise his hand?” Fadiman: “Only as high as his nose.”