Dear Diary,

I bought a magazine today that covered Dorothy Lamour’s departure to Honolulu. In one picture she’s reading a note on a bouquette of flowers. It reads, “Have a nice trip and don’t worry about ‘Aloma.’ We’re dubbing Kathleen Burke.

Love to Greg.
Bob and Dolores Hope”

The note looks like it was written in Bob’s own handwritting. If so, I at least know what his autograph looks like.


Dear Diary,

I found out today why Jerry Lester hasn’t been on the Kraft Music Hall for a couple of weeks. He’s been in the hospital having his tonsils removed. (A tonsilectomy to the literate.) He’ll be back next week.

I bought a Movie-Radio Guide today. There was a picture in it of Bob Hope and Dolores, but it wasn’t especially good. He looked like he just won a bet and was grinning triumphantly.