Dear Diary,

Well, until today my list of “crushes” included Bob Hope (over and above all others), Bing Crosby, Ray Milland (long ago), Van Heflin, and Jerry Lester (?). But today somebody else popped up. Betty Lou and I went to the Majestic today to wish Horace a happy birthday. We went to the stage-door after the show to wait for him, but everybody came out except Horace. However, we didn’t mind so much, because Red Ferrington made up for it. He passed once and said something to us, then he came back later and stood around and talked to us. When he wasn’t talking, he was singing or whistling so loud that we had to hold our ears. Once he started singing something about “They laughed when I sat down at the piano” and I added “They didn’t know you were from the finance company.” He looked at me in a very strange manner, and in a low basso voice he said, “Very good, my dear, very good.” He rattled on like that for about a half of an hour, and I liked it!

(newspaper clipping)

Ferrington’s Satisfied

Red Ferrington, comedian on the Horace Heidt Treasure Chest program which will be heard at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday over WFAA, got a picture bid but elected to stay with Heidt. Ferrington was one of the main attractions of Heidt’s theater shows in Texas.


Dear Diary,

I saw in the paper today that Hedda Hopper’s newest short subject is booked for early release. That’s the one which deals with the program Bob Hope gave for 5000 sailors at Long Beach, despite President Roosevelt’s taking his air time for an address. Hedda had the show filmed and put it in her short subject, Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood.

Kay Kyser gave Horace Heidt and Dallas a pretty good plug tonight. One of the questions was: “What ochestra leader, now at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas, features tripple-tonguing trumpets?” The man answered Horace Heidt immediately. Speaking of Horace, I decided Saturday that, next to Bob Hope, he has about the purtiest shoulders in the world.

Dear Diary,

Betty Lou and I saw Horace Heidt and the gang at the Majestic today. Horace got out in the middle of the audience and made a big hit with everybody – including me. I’ve liked him a long time, but he really sold himself to me today. He and Bob Hope are good friends. Bob was one of the very few who knew about Horace’s secret marriage before it was made public.

I heard Bob by short wave this morning. He said quite a bit about Texas. He said that when he got off the train, one guy applauded five times, and was departed as an alien. As usual he talked about how tough Texas are. He said one fellow was hanged for putting a wet spoon in a cafe sugar bowl. He really made us sound rough, but that’s what everyone thinks anyway, so do we care?