Dear Diary,

Bing Crosby was still absent from the Kraft Music Hall, and Mickey Rooney attempted to take his place again. But even thought Crosby wasn’t there, Crosby was one of the guests. Maybe I’d better explain myself. Bing Crosby, alias Gravelthroat, was not there, but Bob Crosby, alias Hepcat, was one of the guests. If they hadn’t announced that it was Bob nobody would have known it wasn’t Bing, because they sho ’nuff sound alike. You know, I often wonder if any of Bob Hope’s brothers have a voice like Bob’s. After all, Bing and Bob Crosby sound alike, Don and Jim Ameche sound alike, Clifton and William Fadiman sound alike, so why shouldn’t Bob and Fred or Jim or Jack or Syd or Ivor or George Hope sound alike? I also wonder if Bing’s other brothers, Everett, Ted, and Larry sound like Bing (Harry) and Bob (George).