Dear Diary,

Jack Haley was Bob Hope’s guest tonight. They did a vaudeville act that was absolutely terrific. They sang a duet that would have been beautiful (except for the words) if they had tried, but as they did it, it was the funniest (and corniest) thing I have ever heard. Jack and Bob, commonly known as Haley and Staley, are just about as good as Bob and Pat O’Brien.

Cecil B. de Mille was an unexpected guest tonight. He presented Bob with a scroll from the Motion Picture Daily naming Bob not only the best comedian on the air, but also the champion of champions in radio. DeMille called it the greatest tribute that could be paid a radio performer. After C.B.’s beautiful speech, all Bob could say was, “Whew!”


Dear Diary,

After  going successfully through two of the four state championship games, Sunset was defeated 14-0 by Wichita Falls today. That puts us completely out of the running. Even at that, though, this was the first Sunset team ever to get this far in the race. You can bet  the Sunset team and student body is pretty downhearted to get so near and yet so far from the state championship.

According to the morning paper Bob Hope was voted champion of champions in the vote taken by the Motion Picture Daily. Jack Benny ranked second to Bob in both classifications.