Dear Diary,

And I thought I enjoyed myself Feb. 11!! I have never seen anything to equal what I saw tonight. I exspected Bob Hope to look and act rather sick, but he didn’t look as if he knew the meaning of the word. The program lasted 3½ hours and I was weak by the time it was half over. Bob was never funnier than he was with Bing Crosby tonight. They first gave an imitation of the presidents of the Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola companies. Bing was Pepsi and Bob was Cokey. They started at opposite ends of the stage, trotted across, met at the center mike, and burped in unison. Next came an imitation of the presidents of the Pepsodent and Ipana companies. Bob said, “You be Ipana. I want to keep my job.” The same routine, except they meet in the center, shake hands, and begin gargling. Next it’s two Ft. Worth business men. After they shake hands they start digging feverishly in each other’s pockets. Next came two farmers. Bob came in scraping his feet, and Bing milked his thumbs instead of shaking hands. (See Special Data)