Dear Diary,

I got a letter from Daddy today. He said he saw “Ship Ahoy” today, and never appreciated Bob Hope so much in his life. And the Leonards, who are avid Skelton fans, got up and left before the show was over because they couldn’t take any more of that same Mr. S. And here I was thinking it was a pretty good picture. Ain’t life peculiar?

I spent the entire afternoon in bed with a headache—such a pleasant pasttime! However, I wouldn’t recommend it as the ideal way to spend a summer afternoon. Between groans I listened to the radio. That helped my head a lot, too.


Dear Diary,

I saw “Ship Ahoy” today, and, believe it or not, Red Skelton was fairly good. Don’t get me wrong now. He’s not half the comedian Bob Hope is, and as long as his show is on right after Bob’s I’ll never listen to it, but he was better than I had exspected him to be. (And I still don’t like him.)

I sure had fun at my dancing lesson tonight. I have only three lessons left after tonight unless I can manage to scrape up another four dollars. I’m certainly going to try anyway. I’m having too much fun at those lessons to quit now.