Dear Diary,

Bob Crosby took Bing’s place on KMH tonight, because Bing and Bob Hope are still “charitying,” but Bing will be back on his program next week. On the other hand, Bob Hope will continue his tour of army camps and other volunteer service work until the end of the season. Gosh, his poor family! By the time the season is over it will have been over a month since he left California. He must miss them a lot, because last Tuesday he closed the show with “Good-night, Linda,” and he very seldom does that. In fact, I think it’s about the fourth time he’s ever done it. Pretty soon Tony will be getting old enough to know who’s speaking to him on the radio and Bob will direct his “Good-nights” to him.


Dear Diary,

I have heard Bob Hope on the radio three times this month. And not only that, but I got an autographed picture of him.

September 30, Bob pulled a cute joke. I wrote part of it on the page for that day, but here’s the rest: Hope: “Just for that I hope all your children grow up to look like Oscar Levant.”

Fadiman: “Well, just for that I hope all your children grow up to look like Bob Hope.”

Hope: “That’s impossible. You can’t get noses like this any more.”

Well, maybe that’s true, but from all I hear, young Tony Hope has a nose very similar to that of his adopted father. Poor kid!

I have written for Bob’s book, and I hope to get it within the next three weeks, but then you never can tell about a thing like that. They may be so rushed that it will take three months, but I certainly hope hot. I may be crazy, but I think I’ll buy another book when they are release to the book stores. After all, I may lose one of them.