Dear Diary,

I saw in the paper today that Sam Goldwyn has bought the title of Bob Hope’s book, “They Got Me Covered,” and will change the title of the new Bob Hope picture from “Washington Comedy” to They Got Me Covered.” I can’t imagine what that’s got to do with the picture, but I’ll bet it proves to be a big drawing attraction for the picture. (As if Bob weren’t enough!) That’s the second time the title has been changed. It was originally “Treasure Chest.”

Well what do you know! I found out today that I’m a genius (or freak). I can write upside-down backwards with both hands at the same time.


Dear Diary,

The paper started playing up the possibility yesterday that Bing Crosby and Bob Hope might be here, but there was sill nothing definite about it today. They just said it was a strong possibility.

I got my stories straight today about awards given to Bob Hope, Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis. Bob and Rita were awarded the honor of being Hollywood’s most “photogenerous” stars, and Bob and Bette were named as most coƶperative stars. In other words, that’s two awards for Bob, instead of one, as I had thought until today.

I saw in the morning paper that Sam Goldwyn will make five pictures this year. One of them will be called “Treasure Chest,” starring Bob Hope. The arrangements for that picture were made over a year ago. I guess Sam (or Bob) has been kinda busy.

Dear Diary,

I heard several months ago that Bob Hope is going to make a picture for Sam Goldwyn, and Hedda Hopper said today that it will be called “Treasure Chest.”

Kay Kyser tried to imitate Bob Hope again tonight. He had the words okay, but never the voice. He even said, “Sorry, folks, but we’re running late tonight.” Oh, those familiar words. It happens almost every week, darn it!