Dear Diary,

I forgot one little detail about Cecil B. de Mille’s visit on Bob Hope’s show last night. After Bob had recovered a little, C.B. said, “How do you feel about receiving this grand award, Bob? Aren’t you a little nervous?” Bob replied, “Oh, no, I always chew my script like this.” (I had meant to add that little incident last night, but I forgot it ’til now. I guess one time is as good as another though, so I put it in tonight.)

I saw in the paper today that Bob Hope and Bing Crosby are going to make a picture together. It will be called “True to Life.” Bing will play the part of a goof who has a silly notion he can sing like Bing Crosby. Can you imagine? The paper didn’t say what Bob will play, but if he’s in it, you can bet he’ll play.